Road Asset Maintenance Procurement Strategy Project

Department of Transport (DoT) engaged Civinfra as Technical and Financial Advisors for the Road Asset Maintenance Procurement Strategy Project.

Key activities on this project included:

  • Review of the approaches to road network maintenance for Asset, Financial and Commercial streams.
  • Development of an approach to performance-based maintenance, with specific emphasis on pavement management.
  • Maintenance costing reviews including development of unit cost rates for modelling.
  • Maintenance Critical Analysis through a risk-based maintenance prioritisation workshop.
  • Preparation of a new Routine Maintenance specification (Section 750PB) to facilitate procurement of maintenance through performance-based outcome focused contracts.
  • Assist DoT prepare new Victorian Road Maintenance Contracts (VRMC) including advice relating to technical, financial and performance requirements.
  • Support DoT through the VRMC procurement process including evaluation at the Expression of Interest and Tender stages.