Our Policies



It is the policy of Civinfra Pty Ltd to provide professional engineering services that meet or exceed customer requirements.  Civinfra Pty Ltd is committed to achieving quality outcomes facilitated by the implementation and continual improvement in the effectiveness of its management system.

The objectives of the quality policy are to:

  1. Achieve customer satisfaction;
  2. Provide value for money services;
  3. Obtain repeat business and new opportunities through customer referrals;
  4. Get ‘it’ right the first time;
  5. Enable staff to take pride in the services delivered;
  6. Continually improve the performance of Civinfra Pty Ltd.

Occupational Health & Safety

Civinfra Pty Ltd services are to be delivered in a safe and efficient manner resulting in no harm to employees or public. Civinfra Pty Ltd management and employees look out for each other and are concerned for the welfare of others potentially affected by works under their control. 

The objectives of the safety policy are to:

  1. Operate with zero lost time injuries;
  2. Bring no harm to employees or other persons;
  3. Comply with all legislative OH&S requirements;
  4. Maintain a high level of safety awareness and a culture of ‘safety first’ amongst management, staff and contractors;
  5. Ensure contractors engaged on Civinfra Pty Ltd managed projects operate with effective safety management systems.

Environmental MANAGEMENT

The majority of human activities have an effect on the environment.  It is Civinfra Pty Ltd policy to comply with all environmental legislative requirements and use practical means to minimise the detrimental effects of its activities on the environment.  The policy applies to the direct activities of Civinfra Pty Ltd and works under its control.

The objectives of the environmental policy are to:

  1. Control emissions to air, land and water;
  2. Protect and enhance where practical flora and fauna within work sites and/or adjacent to work areas.
  3. Control noise and lighting to minimise detriment to property in the vicinity of worksites;
  4. Minimise waste and seek to utilise recycled materials;
  5. Be prepared to respond to an incident threatening the environment;
  6. Maintain a high level of awareness of the legal and moral obligations to protect the environment amongst management, staff and contractors;
  7. Ensure contractors engaged on Civinfra Pty Ltd managed projects operate with effective environmental management systems.