Our Vision & Values

Our vision

We utilise our depth of knowledge, experience and engineering judgement to assist clients to efficiently develop and manage their civil infrastructure. We supply professional services representing best value for our clients, whilst providing a stimulating work environment for our employees and maintaining sustainable growth for our business.

Our values

Client focused

Our clients have a service to deliver or a project to complete. It is our role to understand our clients’ needs and provide them with the assistance they require to achieve their objectives.

Quality, safety and environment

We value high standards in the management of quality, safety and environmental matters and achieve those standards through our expertise and application of the processes defined in the Civinfra Integrated Management System.


We value our reputation and work hard to ensure that our clients can rely upon us to deliver on our commitments.

Value for money

We maintain tight control over our costs and limit margins to sustainable levels in order to employ highly skilled resources and provide clients value-for-money professional services.